Rivendell Property Services
Rivendell is really a one stop shop for property services. We have eight years experience of dealing with a myriad of property questions and have amassed lots of useful and reputable contacts and service providers who can help us to answer your questions, do your jobs and solve your problems.

From: straight sales or purchases, to helping with renovations, planning permissions, planning problems, land regulation, property change of use, company administration, property management. We have dealt with most things over the years, successfully!
Property Management
Whether you have bought a private holiday home, investment property or combination of both it is important that your investment and interests are looked after properly.

Rivendell offers standard and custom made property management packages to suit your individual requirements which are priced accordingly.

We also aim to help you cover the costs of running your property by renting out the property for you. We can not guarantee to make you a huge return but aim to make sure that your investment is at least working to cover its costs.
Real Estate
Rivendell has eight years experience of buying and selling property in Bulgaria. We have worked through the market highs and lows.

On the bright side we can say that over the last year and a half the market has finally started to move again. One positive outcome attributable in part to the recession is a serious shakedown in prices. Prices seem to have reached a sensible level and are currently very affordable.

We do not soley work in Borovets but also in the surrounding areas and have property for sale in central Bulgaria around Veliko Turnovo.
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